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South Brunswick Township

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Complete Your Dog/Cat License Online

This application is for a dog or cat license which MUST BE A RESIDENT OF SOUTH BRUNSWICK TOWNSHIP.  

You will be required to provide the pets details for a first time license here. 

This license is in compliance with the South Brunswick Township Code Sec. 14-41. - Licensing procedure. Read and understand the Township Code regarding license requirements. 


1.  Be sure to attach a current copy of your pets rabies certificate.  The rabies for a dog must be valid through October 31st of the licensing year and just current for a cat.   If a dog cannot get a rabies shot that is valid through October 31st of this year, then a RABIES EXEMPT CERTIFICATE IS REQUIRED FROM YOUR VETERINARIAN. Any submissions without a valid rabies will not be licensed.

2.  To qualify for the neutered/spayed fee, you must attach proof of that.  This may be indicated on the rabies certificate with a "S" or "N" next to the pets sex.

3.  The license fee is $13.00 for a non neutered/spayed dog or cat.

4.  The license fee is $10.00 for a neutered or spayed dog or cat.

5.  There is a $5.00 late fee for license renewals after February 1st.

6.  The license is valid for the calendar year.

Should you have any questions or need assistance feel free to contact the Township Clerk's Office at 732-329-4000 ext. 7356.

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